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Middle East & North Africa


AW teams have visited this region several times establishing relationships with local leaders and churches active in bringing relief to displaced communities and sharing the life-giving message of the gospel.

The love and boldness demonstrated by local partners is very encouraging and humbling. At the same time the lack of connections and bridges to the body of Christ at large was felt and expressed clearly.

The Vision


Serve alongside local churches/house movements to strategically minister and reach refugees and seekers of Jesus, and work together to see a gospel movement spread in other areas of the Middle East and North Africa.



Advance Worldwide's Role


A partnership with two churches has been established in the Middle East. These churches have been tirelessly caring for refugees and are in desperate need of financial support to sustain and expand their impact.  

AW has assisted with some initiatives, such as youth leadership development camps and expansion of international network for support.

In North Africa, we have a partnership with a house church group aimed to see a local-led evangelistic and discipleship movement. God is at work in amazing ways in this region of the world. Please continue to pray!

Image by ‏🌸🙌 في عین الله
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