Middle East


A couple years ago, an AW pioneer team visited a nation in the Middle East to assess the current state of the needs of refugees and how churches are intervening to support these population.

The team partnered with a Christian organization on the ground serving refugees and visited a couple of churches in different locations. It was a very fruitful yet sobering time.

The Vision


Serve alongside local churches to minister to refugees in diverse ways and work together to see the gospel spread in other areas of the Middle East and North Africa.



Advance Worldwide's Role


A partnership with two churches has been established. This churches have been tirelessly caring for refugees and are in desperate need of financial support to continue and expand their impact.  

AW has partnered with national churches to assist with leadership development of their youth so that the national church may continue to grow.

New partnerships are being explored to serve other regions of North Africa and Middle East. Please join us in prayer for discernment and direction.


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