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Advance Worldwide is partnering with a network of local churches in central and southern India for the purpose of fostering healthy spiritual growth of believers and creating ways to serve the needs of their communities.


The Vision

These churches have expressed a desire to deepen their faith through Biblical discipleship. Due to poverty and illiteracy in rural areas, many believers don't have access to the Word of God.

At the same time, several villages where these churches are located lack access to water. Villages could improve sanitation and communal life by having their own water wells.


Advance Worldwide's Role

- In partnership with local Christians leaders we have ben able to purchase and distribute over 150 solar powered audio Bibles in 4 different languages among several rural churches. We have heard amazing testimonies of how the Word has encouraged, blessed, and even heal people.

-  Your generosity has allowed us to assist 3 villages with building water wells for clean and ongoing access to water. 

- AW is partnering with local missionaries that go to villages who are yet to be reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

With your support the Indian church can be strengthened and equipped to respond to needs of their communities.

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