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You can make a difference by Praying, Going, Giving!


  • Praying: For our church partners in remote areas of the world, the pastors and leaders who are giving their life for the sake of the gospel. Pray also for our mission. Our desire is for Jesus to be glorified in those remote areas of the world through His beautiful bride, His church.


  • Going: If you heart burns for missions in remote areas send us an email. Your heart, talents, skills and experience could be strategic for furthering our mission and your calling!

  • Short and long term internships available to support the vision of remote churches: bible literacy, medical clinic, children's activities, economic development, etc.


  • Giving: Your financial contribution makes it possible for small remote churches to continue being the epicenter of transformation for their communities. Please consider being a monthly partner.

  • Do you have fun and effective fundraising ideas? send us an email!



for more info contact us:



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Do you want to use your talents for the expansion of God's Kingdom? Do you want to experience missions in remote regions of the world? Do you want to be changed forever? If you said "YES", then contact us! 


Please pray for us often. Our mission can only be accomplished by God's supernatural intervention.

Join us in prayer for our partner churches in remote areas of the world. 


If your church, home group, class, or organization want to learn more about our work please contact us. We would love to connect with you.

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