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Church Planting


Bangladesh has a population of over 160 million people. Yet the gospel message has only reached less 0.5% of its people! 


AW is teaming up with an amazing local church planting movement that is aiming to see the gospel spread throughout this beautiful nation.


We are currently able to support 8 church planters and evangelists in their ongoing outreach and pastoral efforts. Their ministry has brought a great number of people into the Kingdom even in the face of persecution.

Your prayers and support can send more church planters to the field, provide Bibles and training to new believers.

The harvest is plenty and the time is now!

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

In partnership with a well established Christian Bangladeshi NGO, we assisted over 3000 Rohingya access medical services. 


We are also supporting outreach initiatives to bring the gospel to these people group. 

Please join us in prayer that hearts would turn to the Lord as they hear the gospel.

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