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Quibdo, Colombia


Advance Worldwide is partnering with a church in Quibdo, an underserved region of northwestern Colombia. This beautiful local church is engaged in seeing a whole neighborhood called "Buenos Aires" come to know Christ's redemptive love.

The Vision

The church, in dialogue with the community, has identified that a community center is vital for the betterment of the Buenos Aires neighborhood. This center would be a place were children can receive nutritional as well as educational supports, free medical clinics, counseling, various workshops for the community, and a church plant. 

Advance Worldwide's Role

- AW is building bridges with other churches across Colombia to rally around this "forgotten" community and assist in developing strategic goals to see this vision accomplished.

- AW is providing technical support to leaders of this church in project management.

- In early 2019, the church rented a former nightclub that is being transformed as a community center/church plant. This space is now used to minister to children and families as well as a worship venue. 

- AW has provided 3 sewing machines and has sent professional seamstresses to teach a group of women in this community sewing techniques. Learning these skills can assist these women to generate extra income to support their families.

With your support a church can respond to the most pressing needs of its 



Through the power of the gospel and daily acts of compassion, residents of "Buenos Aires" will see

the local church transforming their

community through God's goodness.

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